Get 24-hour storm-damaged tree and limb removal services from Brandon’s Tree Service LLC. Quick response and professional solutions for all your tree removal needs.

South Hampton Roads sees its share of heavy rains, high winds and hard-hitting storms, all of which can put your home, business and property in danger of fallen limbs and damaged trees. At Brandon's Tree Service, we provide full emergency tree removal services to remove trees, limbs and debris from damaged areas. We can also provide further tree trimming services to help keep your property safe from the next storm. Contact us today for a free tree removal estimate, or call us anytime for emergency assistance.


Our 24-hour emergency response services provide removal of storm-damaged trees and limbs. We can also make emergency repairs to damaged roofs including waterproof tarp coverage, debris removal from the damaged area, and removal of additional hazardous limbs. We prepare for emergencies ahead of time so that we can be ready when we’re needed. Don’t wait or try to remove dangerous trees yourself — contact us today.


Cleaning up after a hurricane or tropical storm can seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you choose to clean up yourself or hire a professional tree removal company, such as Brandon's Tree Service, safety should always be your first priority. When cleaning up yourself, always work with at least one other person and take periodic breaks to prevent overexertion injuries. During clean-up, identify which tasks you and others can handle and what should be left to the professionals like Brandon's Tree Service, such as any clean-up that requires climbing.

Our Services Include

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Storm Work
  • Commercial Tree Services
  • Crane Services

Emergency Tree Removal

We can remove fallen trees from yards, streets or from your home or property with our specialized equipment.

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